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Cos Human Hair Premium Blend Weaving - Natural Yaky 12"

Looking for a quick fix? Don't want to spend a lot of money on a hairsyle? Cos Human Hair Premium Blend

 Weaving - Natural Yaky 12" is just for you. Made with human hair and some of the finest fibers from

 around the world, this hair will do you nothing but good. Can be flat iron or curled on low heat and the

 lenghts vary from 12-18". Available colors are DE27, DE30, DE613, DERD, and of course we have the

 basic colors such as 1, 1B, 2, and 4. Once this hair is in your head, you won't regret it......YOU'LL LOVE


Vanessa Fift Avenue Wig- Super Lee

Everybody loved Farrah Fawcette right? Well now, EllieBeauty.com has a wig that mimics her hair style but

 has a little twist to it. Vanessa Fift Avenue Wig- Super Lee, is your go to girl for that flawless look. Super

 Lee is super beautiful! With the feathered curls and bang, Farrah Fawcette would love the new look, since

 she is envied by all. No one will ever know that she is a wig, made with the finest fibers from around the

 world, she can even be curled a bit on low heat. Vanessa Fifth Avenue Collection had you in mind when

 this wig was made. Why not make it yours?

Equal Braided Ponytail- Boho Girl

Equal Braided Ponytail- Boho Girl has come! This chic ponytail can be worn braided or it can be taken

 down and worn loose. This midwestern look goes great with a pair of cowboy boots with shorts to

 complete the whole cowgirl look. Not going for that look? Not a problem! Boho Girl is one of our most

versatile ponytails yet. Don't like the braided or loose look? Why not try putting it in a bun? Shock yourself

 and others with Equal Braided Ponytail- Boho Girl!!!!!!

Equal Invisible L Part Wig- Honor

Feeling like letting the cat out of the bag? Equal Invisible L Part Wig- Honor, has your name written all over

 it. Who wants to walk around looking like every other girl that passes? Once Honor has come into your life,

 nothing will be the same. People that see you everyday will wonder who the new girl is in town with the

purple ends. Not a fan of purple? Honor comes in almost any color that can be thought of to match your


Equal Invisible Part Wig- Top Story

Equal Invisible Part Wig- Top Story has a name that speaks for itself. Having lovely long flowing curls, she

 can be adored from miles away. Since Top Story is an invisible part wig, her part can be worn just about

 anywhere on the head. Once she steps out, you can bet that she will be the talk of the town; better yet, she

 will be the top story days, weeks, even months! So why not order Equal Invisible Part Wig- Top Story?

 Treat yourself!!!!!

Equal Invisible L Part Wig- Pride

Isn't she just GORGEOUS? Pride has turned heads everywhere she has been. With the color DERD

 shown, this fiesty mamacita is wanted all around the world! Coming in 28" and a variety of colors, Equal

 Invisible L Part Wig- Pride is capable of being worn with any outfit. With part going in the middle or on the

 side, any look can be achieved. Take pride in what you wear and how you look? Then this wig is just for


Equal Invisible L Part Wig- Cherry

Equal Invisible L Part Wig- Cherry is going to turn heads once she is out and about. This beauty is made for

 the runway, not just to be worn anywhere. Sport her while your on that special date with that special

 someone. Come on! Impress them! Any and everyone that comes into contact with Cherry will be

 hyptnotized by her elegance and her beauty. Be the next goddess of love with Equal Invisible L Part Wig-


Pictures coming soon...

Equal Invisible L Part Wig- Paparazzi

Instead taking pictures of others, they are going to be taking pictures of you! with Equal Invisible L Part

 Wig- Paparazzi, people will be dying to get next to you. Imagine being the talk of town with this beautiful

 wig. Having long locks of loose curls, Paparazzi will just adore the outside on a breezy summer day. This

 wig....or hairstyle I should say looks natural no matter how it is worn.

Picture coming soon........

Equal Invisible L Part Wig- Fan Club

Equal Invisible Part Lace Front Wig- Fan Club is the most beautiful wig we have yet! Not only that, but

 it looks oh so natural. Being ombred at the ends add only a little bit of funk to your whole look. Fan Club

 can be worn from work to the hot spot! So don't just think that she can only be worn when you are on the

 professional scene. Equal Invisible Part Lace Front Wig- Fan Club is much more versatile than that.

Picture coming soon!

Cuticle Remy XQ, Moisture Remy Rain, and Remy Saga Dipped Ends

Isn't this AMAZING?! Cuticle Remy XQ, Moisture Remy Rain, and Remy Saga Dipped Ends have

 all joined forces and came out with their own individula line of hair. Available in lengths of 12", 14", and

 18", no style is too short or too long. Stop bleaching and dying your hair just to damage it. Now, whatever

 color that is needed, or a particular style that is wanted, Cuticle Remy XQ, Moisture Remy Rain, and Remy

 Saga Dipped Ends.

Remy Saga Clip Bangs10 PCS

Remy Saga Clip Bangs10 PCS is finally here. Due to the high demand of valued customers, EllieBeauty.com

 has fulfilled your wishes. Being available in all colors, Remy Saga Clip Bangs can be worn with anything. Of

 course it is 100% human hair, so that means you can do whatever is needed to complete your look. Can be

 worn towards the side, in the front if you prefer Chinese bangs, or you could even clip one of the bangs of

 both sides of your head to create the feathered look. So much can be done with these bangs that it is mind

blowing! Come and experience the best clip in bangs ever!

Looking for a picture? Don't worry, we will get pictures to you as soon as possible!

Cuticle Remy XQ Dipped Ends
Hello Beautiful! Have you ever gotten tired of buying two packs of different colored hair because you

 wanted to achieve a certail look? If not, surely you have gotten tired of dying the ends of your hair a

 different color. Whatever the case may be, Cuticle Remy XQ Dipped Ends has came to the rescue. Not

 only do you get some of the best hair around the world, but you no longer have to worry about

 destroying your hair with harsh chemicals. Cuticle Remy XQ Dipped Ends comes in a variety of different

 colors; no one should have an exuse for not purchasing this hair. EllieBeauty.com is sure you will look good

 with the new look of the dipped ends. So come and enjoy XQ!

Picture Coming Soon!

Milky Way Drawstring Ponytail - Indian Deep 8"

MilkyWay 100% Human Hair Wet-n-Wavy Drawstring Ponytail- Indian Deep 8"(Front & Back)

Want to be versital yet flirty? Milky Way has perfected one of the world's most wanted styles in a  ponytail, Milky Way Drawstring Ponytail - Indian Deep 8" can be worn straight or wavy. This fine, coarse Indian hair is soft to the feel of the straight or wavy style. When hair is wet, its curls start to krinkle. Perfect when getting out of the pool huh?

Que Milkyway ShortCut Series- Q- Coil Curl 3PCS
IT'S FINALLY HERE! No more going to your local hair supply and asking for a curl that's not too tight and

 not too loose. Que MilkyWay ShortCut Series Q- Coil Curl 3PCS is the curl that every woman envies.

 Available in any color that your heart desires this style and color of your choice will drop jaws. The older

 the hairstyle gets, the bigger the curls get! In other words, the longer you wear this hairstyle, the more you

 will like it. Don't worry!!!! Picture coming soon!

Remy Clip-In Top Piece- Passion Top 8"
MILKYWAY has done it again! Remy Clip-In Top Piece Passion Top 8" is ideal for any style of hair!

 Coming in colors 1, 1b, 2, 4, OM27, OM30, and OM613 no one can go wrong with the color they

 choose. This top piece adds a nice, sultry side bang to complete the style with more looks than you

 expected. Since this top piece is in such a high demand, Elliebeauty.com would like to ensure their

 customers satisfaction by ordering by the bulk. With that being said, a display picture will be here soon.

Remy Saga Lace Front Cleopatra 24"

Saga Remy Lace Front - Cleopatra 18" 
Want the look and feel of a true goddess? Then why not try Remy Saga Lace Front Cleopatra 24" Being

 made from the finest one donor human hair, this wig not only serves you for the time being, but for all

 eternity. The bangs also add the playful look that every man loves in a woman. This wig can also be curled

 or straightend more to the desired look.

Freetress Equal Invisible Part Wig- Make Over
Freetress Equal Invisible Part Wig - Make Over

Want to achieve the long hair look without spending all day in the salon? Not into the natural colors

 such as black and brown? Then Make Over is the wig for you! Freetress Equal Invisible Part Wig- Make

 Over is made with the best fibers from around the world. Ranging in a variety colors, no one will ever

 recognize you with your new "make-over". Shock them all, including yourself, with this gorgeous invisible

 part wig. Synthetic hair at its best!

Mizani Botanifying Conditioning Shampoo

Mizani Botanifying Conditioning Shampoo is ideal for hair that is thinning or breaking off. Wash hair with

 Mizani Botanifying Coditioning Shampoo as you would use any shampoo and see the difference within one

 week. Not only does this shampoo repair the hair from damage, but it also promotes growth and adds a

soft silky touch and shine like no other. So go right ahead, your hair deserves to be pampered.

Pink by Kiss Be Pink Sticker Nails- Dazzlin'
Pink by Kiss Be Pink Sticker Nails
Everyone has that one little cousin or daughter who wants their nails done but are too young to do so.

 Where there's a will there's a way, Pink by Kiss Be Pink Sticker Nails- Dazzlin' is the safe and easy way

 foryour younger relative to be as sassy as you. With no glue needed these nails can be applied by firmly

pressing them on. Still not liking the way they look? Cool! they can be easily popped off without hurting

the fingers or damaging the nails.

Absolute Make-Up Cleansing
No more messing up bath towels while taking off your makeup, Absolute Make-Up Cleansing

 Tissues- Cucumber Extract is the best for taking off all types of makeup. From lipstick to eyeshadow

 these soft tissues are strong enough to tackle the the task of taking your long lasting makeup off. The

 fresh scent of the cucumber extract softens the skin with every use! Don't spend your precious time

 washing makeup off of your face with your towels. These soft cleansing tissues will do even better.

Naked Unprocessed Brazilian Virgin Remy 18"

Tired of looking all over the world for vigin hair? Well Ellie Beauty is your one stop shop for the best virgin

 hair ever. Naked Unprocessed Brazilian Virgin Remy 18" is soft to the touch and can be bleached or dyed

 to the color of your choice. Come and experience the best hair ever on the market; you can't go wrong


Equal Invisible Part Wig- Festival
Freetress Equal Invisible Part Wig - Festival

Looking for a quick and easy style? Well here it is! Equal Invisible Part Wig- Festival is the perfect wig to

 put on for that one special occasion or maybe just for a nice walk in the park. Coming in various colors, this

 beautiful wig can be worn with any and everything. Don't like your part to the side? That's ok too, this

 invisible part wig can be worn with its part to the side or down the middle. Turn heads with this flawless


Bobbi Boss Ocean Wave

Bobbi Boss Ocean Wave
Bobbi Boss Ocean Wave is currently one of the best selling weaves for Elliebeauty.com. This luxurious

 100% human hair varies from straight to curly. With Bobbi Boss Ocean Wave, your loose curls will

 beautifully flow in the wind. This is the perfect hairstyle to take a long and lovely walk on the beach while

 your curls naturally stay in place. Can also be flat ironed and flexi rodded to add more definition.

Freetress Equal Lace Front Braid Hairline- Avery
Freetress Equal Lace Front Braid Hairline - Avery (Front Viiew w/Braid)

Say hello to your new friend Avery! Feeling like

 wearing sweatpants and tennis shoes? No

 problem, this sporty yet feminine wig is just for

 you. French braided towards the back and the

added baby hairline has BEAUTY written all

over it. Not only can this braid be worn towards

the back, but it can also be flipped to the side so

everyone can see how good it looks in front of

you (as seen in the picture). Colors ranging from

 black to the lightest blonde, anyone of any color

 would look nothing but fabulous with their new hairstyle. Tired of getting wigs that are different but look the

 same? Freetress Equal Lace Front Braid Hairline- Avery is the just the one to get your collection of

different wigs started. 

Fifth Avenue Collection Wig- Supermoon.

Vanessa Fifth Avenue Collection Wig - Supermoon (Front View)
Vanessa Fifth Avenue Collection Wig- Supermoon
Fab new style! Our reviews from you all requested that we get in a newly styled wig......SO HERE IT IS!
Ms. Supermoon comes in various colors for the beauties that like to be different. Enjoy this goddess look anywhere and anytime throughout the day. This style of wig adds class to any outfit , not that any of our Elliebeauty.com customers need it that is. Be that special person that people admire with our new Vanessa Fifth Avenue Collection Wig- Supermoon.