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  • Equal Lace Front Deep Invisible Part - Nelly
  • Equal Lace Front Deep Invisible Part Cap

Equal Lace Front Deep Invisible Part - Nelly

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Equal Lace Front Deep Invisible Part - Nelly

Color Shown: OM27/30/613

Available Colors:

1, 1B, OH2/27/144, OH27/30/613, OM2/33/144, OM27/30/613, OP30240,  OP99J, OMFIRERED, OP27,OP430, OP613/27,



deep-invisible-part-nelly-nelly-oh2-27-144-1.jpg deep-invisible-part-nelly-oh2-27-144-2.jpg deep-invisible-part-nelly-of2-27-144-3.jpg deep-invisible-part-nelly-oh2-27-144-4.jpg


equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-oh27-30-613-1.jpg equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-oh27-30-613-2.jpg equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-oh27-30-613-3.jpg equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-oh27-30-613-4.jpg


equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-om2-33-144-1.jpg equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-om2-33-144-2.jpg equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-om2-33-144-3.jpg equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-om2-33-144-4.jpg


equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-om27-30-613-1.jpg equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-om27-30-613-2.jpg equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-om27-30-613-3.jpg equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-om27-30-613-4.jpg


equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-op30-240-1.jpg equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-op30-240-2.jpg equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-op30-240-3.jpg equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-op30-240-4.jpg 


equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-op99j-1.jpg equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-op99j-2.jpg equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-op99j-3.jpg equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-op99j-4.jpg


equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-omfire-red-1.jpg equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-omfirered-2.jpg equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-omfirered-3.jpg  equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-omfirered-4.jpg


equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-op613-27-1.jpg equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-op613-27-2.jpg equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-op613-27-3.jpg equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-op613-27-4.jpg


equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-op430-1.jpg equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-op430-2.jpg equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-op430-3.jpg equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-op430-4.jpg


equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-op27-1.jpg equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-op27-2.jpg equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-op27-3.jpg equal-lace-front-deep-invisible-part-nelly-op27-4.jpg



Invisible Part

  • Wide angle invisible lace surface area
  • Most natural to look and feel
  • Best flexible hair parting design
  • The Ingenious WIDE ANGLE invisible lace patch; Now you can part your hair WHEREVER you want
  • Invisible Part is designed to provide you with your OWN, "Natural-Look" style

Pre-Cut, No Hassle Lace

  • Simply adjust the lace front on your head and go!
  • No more Lace Cutting necessary
  • No Tape & No glue Necessary


  • Synthetic wigs should be washed in cool water with a mild shampoo and conditioner.
  • Do not scrub the wig, just submerge in clean water then swish it from side to side.
  • Pat dry with a clean towel, then place the wig on a wig stand or styrofoam head to dry while maintaining original styles.
  • Lastly, spray sheen to wig conditioner onto the wig and comb gently.


  • Do not use hot curler at regular setting. This fiber can only be curled at 380°F- 400°F.
  • If wig hair gets frizzy, try any sheen spray to calm the frizziness and then comb.
  • If the wig gets tangled, use any detangling or sheen spray then comb the hair.  

Hair Products:  

  • Any hair products can be used on wigs, such as hair spray, mousse, gel, etc. since the wigs are washable and reusable.  

Wig Storage:  

  • While wigs are not in use, they may be stored in a hair net and plastic bag or on a wig stand, such as styrofoam head.  

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Product Reviews

  1. awesome find

    Posted by LG on 25th Jan 2013

    Great price for a natural looking wig.

  2. great everyday wig

    Posted by tiauna bryant on 14th Jan 2013

    i like the way u can part it in anyway u want.

    i want to reorder but my color 0h/2/27/144 is out.
    as soon as its restocked i will be reordering.
    you guys also have very fast service and if there is an shipping issue you resolve it right away. good looking out.


    Posted by Maryellen on 7th Sep 2012

    This wig is lovely. It looks so natural because the lace front and deep part.

    I will be ordering more of her!